Hi, we are a Mother and Daughter duo, Specializing in OOAK Barbie and Kelly!  Using a factory doll we give her a fantastic new custom makeover, which includes but is not limited to: A new hair style, new facial repaint, and a new unique costume with accessories, completely One-of-a-kind!


We also make unique Fashions for Barbie as well.

Mom has been designing OOAK dolls for 19 years.

I've been designing dolls for 8 years.

We pride ourselves in Quality and Originality. 

Many times our customers have told us that our art dolls are much more "BEAUTIFUL" in person. We are not professional photographers so pictures aren't as good as we would like.

So much attention is made to the fine quality of our dolls, we may not be able to describe all the details that we add, so we welcome any questions or comments that you may have. CONTACT US

All our Fashions and OOAK Art Dolls are made with the greatest care and workmanship by me, Kim or my Mother, Gina. With Both of us combined we have over 35 years experience in Dressmaking and Doll Technology. 

Each of our fashions are made of quality fabrics and trims and all seams are professionally finished. Most clothing can be hand washed, we will specify on each item if not. 

Our One-Of-A-Kind Doll makeovers involve detailed facial repaints, intricate detailing on jewelry, hair, and costumes, as well as accessories such as fans, gloves, hats, wings, umbrellas n' more. 

Unique Repaints
Intricate  Detailing

The elegance of our costumes are mostly created from custom made patterns, totally unique to us and only at Fashionfanfair!


 We enjoy playing with dolls and know you will love our Creations!!